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    This is a not-too-detailed walkthrough for all levels of the 1994 Holiday Lemmings edition. This version includes all of the 32 levels published as the 1993 Holiday Lemmings version, and also 32 new levels. (Note that the earlier levels have been assigned new levelcodes in this version.) Neither of the 64 levels is particularly puzzling, although some may require many tries to get the timing just right. I've tried to use standard lemming terminology as much as possible. Here is a list of terms that may need explanation:

    Blinking Cursor: A cursor positioned right at the extreme edge of an area crowded with lemmings swarming back and forth. If done properly, the cursor will blink open and shut. Any lemming that is caught by a click in this position will head away from the cursor. This technique helps select lemming orientation in tight spots.

    Counter-Bridge: A bridge built by a pathfinder lemming against the general direction of the level, to shorten a lethal drop for the other lemmings.

    Digger Trap: A hole created by a few armfuls of digging, deep enough to contain anyone who walks into it, but shallow enough to break out of it with another bridge.

    Doom: To make a lemming a bomber.

    Elongated Bridge: A structure made from multiple bridges, where the builder is allowed to take some steps after shrugging and before being made to build again. By varying this interval, four different variants of joins can be constructed. Some puzzles rely on covering as much ground horizontally as possible with a fixed number of bridges.

    Holy Staircase: A bridge that allows exit from a holding area, but is then damaged by one of the ground-removing skills. The bridge will miraculously retain its position, but no one will be able to use it except for the builder himself. This manoeuvre is useful to buy a leader time if no blockers are available or affordable.

    Initializing Bridge: A bridge that is not long enough to allow exit from a holding area, but which can be extended later on. Building the first part of such a bridge very soon ensures that a lemming with the correct orientation can be selected for completion, even though there are lots of them crowded on ground level.

    Miner Trap: Like a digger trap, only... you get the idea.


    The Flurry Levels
    The Blitz Levels
    The Frost Levels
    The Hail Levels

    ©2000 Kilian A. Foth. All rights reserved.