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    Site information
    Thanks for stopping by The Lemmings Compendium. I hope you find this site a useful and enjoyable site for all of your Lemmings needs.

    What this site is about
    The Lemmings Compendium is a fan site. It was created to provide a single source for Lemmings information on the web. It was inspired by Thomas Linder's Lemmings Page, which has a great deal of Lemmings information in its own right. The Lemmings Compendium provides Lemmings news when available, solutions to the games and demos and other files to download. If you know of some Lemmings information that is not available on this page, please submit it or let me know where to find it.

    What this site is not about
    This site is not affiliated with either Psygnosis or DMA Design. As such, I do not provide any technical or other support for any of the Lemmings games. Please refer any technical or support questions to Psygnosis at their web site.

    This site is not a warez site. I do not and will not provide illegal copies of any of the Lemmings games for download. This includes the now-defunct Lemmings clone by Peter Spada. If you are looking for the full version of any of the Lemmings games, please purchase them at your local software retailer or contact Pygnosis directly.

    I don't respond to guestbook entries. Please use the guestbook to provide general comments and feedback about the site. If you need an answer to a specific question, please use the e-mail form provided in the e-mail section.

    This page is not updated on a regular basis. Please remember that the Lemmings games are not new games and have been out for some time. Do not e-mail me complaining that the site has not been updated. It will be updated when new Lemmings information is available.