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    The Hail Levels Walkthrough

    Hail 1: Go Thataway!

    An athlete climbs the right wall and drops onto the metal T. There he builds twice to turn around, and after dropping down he bashes at the lowest point, removing the ground under the feet of the throng.

    Hail 2: Break on Through

    Use five stationary bombers.

    Hail 3: And a Happy New Year!

    Lem1 builds a Holy Staircase over the blocking wall to the right. After that, he can construct and tear down at his heart's desire. Take care to approach the Y from below; it is dangerous to build into a wall that inclines toward you, and equally perilous to emerge from a wall that slopes away from you. Finally, patch The Staircase at about 2:00.

    Hail 4: Lemmintaschen?

    Mine and bash under the metal, then let the basher build when he has just taken away a piece of the ceiling. Multiple builders allow the lemmings egress from the tunnel. All that remains is to bash down the far pole.

    Hail 5: Get the Point?

    Make all lemmings floaters as long as you can. The first lemming must build a Holy Counter-Staircase beginning to the left of the snowman, and block at its end. One lemming who has safely landed on it must then bridge the gap to the snowman's head. Now patch the Holy Staircase.

    Hail 6: Surprise Package

    Block the narrow lemming playground even narrower, then nuke the level. A number of lemmings will make it into the exit, enough to reach the 33%.

    Hail 7: Steel Ice Span

    Build as often as necessary to span the gaps in the icefield. A climber climbs the metal and builds over the metal gap, preferably so that he lays down the first brick right over it, thus securing passage over it in both directions. Now build to let the others follow, and build a zig-zag to the exit.

    Hail 8: Sir Edmund Hilemming

    Dig almost to ground level, let the next lemmings build over the shaft. The digger then takes a long bash across the whole level. A returning lemming mines & builds to stop the throng. Upon emerging the leader builds 7 bridges to the exit. Release the throng at about 2:00, by bashing through the dead end, or bridging it.

    Hail 9: Up, Up and Away!

    Construct a digger trap, and let the leader build and bash.

    Hail 10: Lemmy in the Cold, Cold Ground

    Lem1L builds immediately before falling, Lem2L bashes when he is at the highest point of his path. He will hit the nearby pocket of air and stop bashing; that's alright. Meanwhile, Lem1R bashes out of the cave to the right, builds to reach the metal, and mines down to the exit when he is as far to the right as he can get. A left lemming bashes, again at the highest possible starting point. One lemming from the right stream must now mine to the left, as far to the left as possible. He will emerge over the crack and build over it. The long tunnel created by the left lemming should emerge above the bridge thus created, joining streams L and R. The middle stream is joined to them by mining into the completed tunnel.

    Hail 11: Emmings! (No L)

    Lem1U walks to the right, turns, walks up the slope, then digs immediately after returning. Seconds before he would break through the floor, he mines to the right, emerging in the lower arena. The lower lemmings start a ramp that would reach the outlet of the mineshaft. The last upper lemming drops into the shaft, and instead of walking down he digs all the way through. He can then bash away the pole and build to the exit. Now complete the bridge in the lower arena.

    Hail 12: Merry Christmaze

    Bridge over all the gaps, thus avoiding the maze altogether. The drop at its right end is in several steps and therefore harmless.

    Hail 13: Polar Expedition

    An athlete digs down the third pole because aiming at him is easier there. He can then build to the exit, and one of the throng can bash through the other poles.

    Hail 14: Rendezvous II

    There is time to do either side at a time. First, Lem1R digs so that a climber can still leave the trap, and builds. Now Lem2L digs and builds. Lem1L builds twice over the first gap, bashes, builds four elongated bridges, and builds to the exit. You will either need four bridges to the exit or three and then one to return the leader, so there isn't much choice really. Now let one of the left trapped lemmings bash out. Use the blinking cursor to hit on a lemming heading right - hitting the wrong lemming isn't disastrous (he will stop at the extreme left of the level), but wastes a valuable basher.

    Now for the right side. A climber escapes from the trap and builds two bridges that reach the snow cone. Note that the bridge should actually connect to the cone, as the leader may turn back on the way. Now build a bridge that just reaches the pole, then bash immediately so he won't climb it, immediately before dropping down build again, and twice more, of course. If you've got a builder and two bashers left, you can now free the throng by letting a lemming bash, and if he had the wrong orientation, making him a builder and using the last basher for the rescue. If you don't have two bashers anymore, you can try to build a bridge to the left over the trap. If you have nothing but one basher left, all you can do is click into the throng and hope.

    Hail 15: Steel Block Party

    Bash at once, and let the first following lemming dig & build so that others will not leave the tunnel again. Now for the fun part: let a walker dig & build right under the basher to let the basher bypass the steel block. This is what the right mouse key is for.

    Hail 16: Peak of Performance

    Make Lemmings 2 through 10 floaters right away. Lem1 becomes a floater right before he touches down the second time. This should buy him enough time to build the escaping bridge before others arrive if he builds it as late as possible.

    This walkthrough was written by Kilian A. Foth. All rights reserved.