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    What happened to Psygnosis?
    Psygnosis was acquired by Sony Electronics a few years back. They have now been completely absorbed by Sony and are no longer a distinct brand. In addition, Sony is no longer publishing Lemmings titles.

    Are there more Lemmings games on the horizon?
    It is highly unlikely. Although Take 2 published Lemmings Revolution a couple of years back, it was not a big-seller. There have been no announcements from Take 2 or any other publisher regarding a Lemmings title.

    Where can I purchase a copy of Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings, Lemmings 2 etc.?
    I have found that CD Access is a good source for older Lemmings titles. Please keep in mind that Lemmings 2: The Tribes, The Lemmings Chronicles and Lemmings for Mac are out of print and may not be easily found. Ebay is also a good source for older Lemmings titles. Also, note that Lemmings Paintball includes Win95/98 versions of Lemmings and Oh No! More Lemmings - LP may be easier to find than the other titles.

    I can't get my Lemmings game to work. Can you please help?
    Unfortunately, I cannot provide technical help for any of the Lemmings games or demos. A good reference is the alt.lemmings newsgroup. If you post a question here, you have a good chance of getting the answer you need.

    I can't find Lemmings anywhere! Can you send me a copy by e-mail or tell me where to download it?
    Nope, sure can't. End of story. I'm not updating this site anymore. Even if I were, I wouldn't participate in software piracy. Sorry.