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    The Blitz Levels Walkthrough

    Blitz 1: Oogilemming!

    Let everybody drop onto the snow, keeping the rate down. Then an athlete climbs over the pole. The second, third and fourth poles need counter-bridges built against them to protect non-floaters. Then you've got a dig and a bash left to open the way. Now make everyone climbers when they're headed right.

    Blitz 2: Lemmings Up High

    Start building under the right flap of the trapdoor and set up a digger trap right under its middle. One more bridge frees the lemmings.

    Blitz 3: Check Your Hints!

    Well, in 'Check Your Hints!', There are thirteen doors, And one of them leads to your home...

    And the answer is: Door #7! Rate up as soon as the first lemming has touched down, dig over the 7th door. Most followers should drop into the mineshaft (OK, so it's a digshaft) before it's completed. Any who are not trapped in the first place must be made floaters.

    Blitz 4: Sangtus Lemmingus

    Rate up. The last lemming to appear digs, breaking to ground level. When arriving at the far wall, he bashes and builds. The throng will follow automatically (another mine is unnecessary).

    Blitz 5: It Came Upon a Lemnight Clear

    A leader climbs out. Set up an initializing bridge for later use. The leader builds, bashes and mines to lose a little height, builds again, and again. Complete the first bridge.

    Blitz 6: A Single Lemming...L

    Dig right after stepping off the metal. Rate up. Build to stop and bash to the left as soon as you can emerge under the metal.

    Blitz 7: Break on Through

    Build a bridge to the left starting on the fourth snowpeak from the left. It will take the leader right to the top left corner of the arena. Build again after he has turned. He will stop building at once, so repeat until the leader is trapped in the corner, then blow him up. If you're lucky this will already blow through the ceiling, otherwise repeat with the next lemming. Once you've broken through the ceiling, there should be enough bridges left to climb onto the top.

    PS. Since the long bridge increases the height to the snowpeak by one pixel, a secondary `feeder' bridge may be necessary to access it.

    PPS. A lemming might be trapped in a one-pixel trap if bridges allow too little space. Use bashers to free victims of this phenomenon.

    Blitz 8: Presents of Mind II

    Observe this order: Lem1L bashes, Lem1R bridges the gap after returning. Lem1L and Lem2L both bridge the left gap. Rate up. Lemming streams will join of their own accord.

    Blitz 9: The Motion Picture

    Block off your lemmings, and let one athlete build counter-bridges against the four high drops. The last one may need to be built in zig-zags.

    Blitz 10: The Wrath of Lem

    First bash & build at the right end of the level to turn around the right stream of lemmings. Then build & bash on either side of the exit. Beware: the exit has an extension that looks like snow, but will not stop falling lemmings! You really must land on the real snowfield itself.

    Blitz 11: The Search for Lem

    Lem2 digs so that he will ultimately hit metal. Lem1 builds four single and one quadruple bridge. All of these bridges must be started as far to the right and constructed as elongated as possible. A bash to the right then frees the other lemmings.

    Blitz 12: The Voyage Home

    Doom Lem1 and Lem2 in the same spot, defined as follows: there is a distinctive kind of icicle that is longer than any other. Pick the second one from the right, and the spot is just left to that. The bombers should thus free the way to the middle level. Now dig to reach the exit. There is time for sooncomers to cross the whole level again and yet again.

    Blitz 13: The Final Frontier

    Build to the right. Trap the throng between two blockers. Dig at the far end of the snowfield, then build to reach the next one. That way when the leader returns he will be turned around again at the edge thus created. Build another four bridges to the patch of snow on the metal; start a bit early so as not to bump into it and return. Build a last bridge after falling off the metal and release the lemming stampede.

    Blitz 14: The Undiscovered Country

    The exit is located in the lower left corner of the metal arena.

    Blitz 15: The Needs of the Many

    Rate up, make eleven lemmings floaters. Let an athlete climb the far wall and doom him after he has taken eight moves. He will then create a small landing. Let another athlete climb up and build to the left immediately after returning. Take care not to block the edge for subsequent climbers! Build another bridge to reach the right plateau. Now let the rest climb up. Doom one of the throng when he is stepping off the second bridge. When the leader walks into the crater, let him bash to the right, and you're done.

    Blitz 16: The Next Lemeration

    Doom the first lemming so that he will blow off the right edge of the snow plateau, reducing the drop to a non-lethal height. Rate up. Lem2 blocks the way to the left by laying down a single brick. When the throng arrives at the wall, bash with the last lemming. Doom him when he has just stepped onto the first pixel that lies over metal.

    This walkthrough was written by Kilian A. Foth All rights reserved.