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    The Flurry Levels Walkthrough

    Flurry 1: Climbing to the top!

    Make every lemming a climber.

    Flurry 2: Floating Lemming Flurry

    Construct a miner trap.

    Flurry 3: Holiday Mining

    Two bashers suffice.

    Flurry 4: Lemming Tracks in the Snow

    Again, two bashers will suffice.

    Flurry 5: Christmas South of the Equator

    Mine into the slope, and let a returning lemming mine and build to keep everyone from falling over the edge meanwhile.

    Flurry 6: Lemming Snowfall

    Bash, build, then bash again.

    Flurry 7: Lemming Sojourn

    Dig almost to the ground of the level, then bash under all the icicles.

    Flurry 8: Vacation in Gemland

    Let the leader climb the first wall and drop down. Bash the wall, build at the next peak and again at the next peak, but dig through the bridge so as to let him fall onto the needle of crystal. Start building again on the small branch to the right, not the large one. Bash when you have reached the end. Build again at the second last gemtip. If the leader turns, build in the tunnel to turn him again. Free the lemmings with a bridge beginning right at the left end of their prison. The blinking cursor can be employed to make it, as there may be only one bridge left.

    Flurry 9: A Block from Home

    Take a long bash through the lowest row of snowballs and build to stop, then dig and bash under the right metal block.

    Flurry 10: Lemmings Below Zero

    Mine and build at the lowest crag to turn all lemmings around. Mine to drop onto the descending ramp. Make a miner trap again after the first lemming and build an initializing bridge. Build to the snowfield, again right in the middle of it, and again to the exit, then complete the bridge.

    Flurry 11: At Home in a Cave

    Let one lemming escape from a digger trap and bash to the cave, then spring the trap.

    Flurry 12: Presents of Mind

    Observe this order: Lem1R bashes the snowdrift. Lem1L bridges the left gap, having been turned by the left snowball. Lem2R bridges the right gap. Bash away the snowballs, and bash through he middle snow mound to join lemming streams.

    Flurry 13: Yo-yo Lem-lem

    Build the two obvious bridges and make any sooncomers who drop into the metal basin climbers, *then* increase the lemming flow.

    Flurry 14: Marshmallow Land

    The leader prepares the way, a miner stops the throng.

    Flurry 15: Head for the Hills!

    Let everyone build against the slope to the right of the exit to turn them.

    Flurry 16: The Long Way Around

    Let two stationary bombers bomb through the floor and two floaters drop down. Block behind them. The first floater blocks, and the second builds a double counter bridge. He then bashes and builds twice. Now blow up the blocker.

    This walkthrough was written by Kilian A. Foth. All rights reserved.