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    The Frost Levels Walkthrough

    Frost 1: Chains of Command

    Just bash away all the poles.

    Frost 2: Ski Jump!

    Block a leader off, and let the leader mine, bash and build twice.

    Frost 3: Cindy Land

    The leader builds, bashes, bashes and builds.

    Frost 4: Separate Ways

    Lem1L builds, Lem1R bashes (in this order).

    Frost 5: Lemming Reunification

    Bash to join the lemming streams, mine to free them all. Bash through the icicles.

    Frost 6: Land of the Bizarre

    Block a leader off; he must bridge the first gap, turn around, bridge the second gap, turn around, bridge the third gap, then bridge the fourth gap. Bomb the blocker.

    Frost 7: Happy New Year!

    Block a leader off immediately and let him build & bash through the 9's.

    Frost 8: Division Bell

    Mine through the snow at the right side of the lemming container as often as necessary, then rate up.

    Frost 9: Quest for Kieran

    Lem1 builds the escaping bridge. Lem2 mines & builds into the slope, buying him time. After a while the tunnel can be bridged over.

    Frost 10: Four Play

    Lem1L mines, digs when heading right and then takes a long bash across the level. Upon emerging, he builds. Free the other three lemmings by mining. The problem is to let the other lemmings fall into the tunnel rather late, and when they are facing right. To make sure, let the middle lemmings mine to the right, and let the right lemming dig when he is facing right, once the tunnel is ready.

    Frost 11: Maybe Not Such a Doddle

    A miner builds to trap the throng, the leader builds and bashes.

    Frost 12: It's Boxing Day!

    Build to reach the snowpatch in the middle of the left wall. Bash through it. The lemmings will be returned at the far end of the level. Let a lemming heading right dig. Rate up so everyone will fall into the shaft before it's too high. Bash when the digger is low enough to circumvent the metal floor.

    Frost 13: 2 Minutes Before Midnight

    Lem1R bridges over the exit. Lem2R walks up the slope and builds once after returning. After that, a left lemming can bash down the right wall, and the left lemming stream can fall to safety.

    Frost 14: Happy New Year II!

    You'll have to build & bash through the upper part of the 9's, as fast as possible.

    Frost 15: Plethora of Presents

    Lem1R bashes, then Lem1M bashes, both as far to the right as possible. Lem1 mines through the icicle, Lem2 bashes after dropping down, temporarily stopping the crowd from following. Lem1 bashes the pole and builds the bridge so that the tunnel will emerge above it.

    Frost 16: Up on the Rooftop

    An athlete escapes and builds a straightforward counter-bridge.

    This walkthrough was written by Kilian A. Foth. All rights reserved.