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    The Tricky Levels Walkthrough

    Tricky 1 (Level 21) - Jelly Climber

    Make each lemming a climber and make the first a left turner at the top of the small ramp so that they reach the transporter nearest to camera 1. When they reappear over the far side they should be directed to the exit on top of the black/white striped blocks.

    Tricky 2 (Level 22) - Which Exit?

    Make the first lemming a blocker. When they fall to the next level, block again. They will now find the correct exit.

    Tricky 3 (Level 23) - This is the Army

    Make the first 2 lemmings climbers and floaters. Have the first turn around and mine through the wall, and blow up the second along the ramp. Have a lemming on the other side of the wall build up to the hole. They walk across the bridge and turn towards the green wall. Build up to this wall, then bash through it (it can't be bashed through at ground level.)

    Tricky 4 (Level 24) - Fore!

    Make the first lemming a left turner when he drops on to the target and use the next to mine down. They will walk through the middle of the trees, turn them at the last but one, then build at the water's edge. Make the first to land a virtual lemming. He drops down the hole and is deflected right - then almost immediately make him a left turner. The rest will now emerge opposite the final island - build across the water and they will reach the exit.

    Tricky 5 (Level 25) - Breakout

    Make the first lemming a bomber a few steps before the blue blocks so that he blows all the way through them. They enter the splitter:- Right hand lemmings - blow up the green block, then turn immediately so that they head towards the yellow block just left of the exit, then turn them right and blow up the red block, then turn into the exit. Left hand lemmings - blow up the red block, then turn them right. Let them bounce off both green blocks then immediately turn them right so they end up with the right hand group.

    Tricky 6 (Level 26) - Lemmhanger

    Have the first lemming build straightaway, then make him a turner at the top of the bridge so that they fall onto the body of the plane. Using camera 2, turn them over the opening, then make the first to fall a blocker so that they enter the opening. Once inside the plane, turn them towards the rear. They will slide down the rope. Turn them towards the plane and build up. Turn them towards the rear of the plane, then bash through the white tail. Make the first to fall onto the grid a blocker.

    Tricky 7 (Level 27) - Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Make a builder at the green trees to build X4 up to the top. Meanwhile make a climber to go up and dig down at the yellow brick. Using a virtual lemming, bash, dig and turn etc as required through the yellow bricks. They will emerge level with the exit.

    Tricky 8 (Level 28) - All Around the WatchTower

    Splitters to the left - make a bomber just before the ramp.
    Splitters to the right - dig down about half way up the slope, so they are turned around.
    Now as they split again, bash the wall in front of the exit, and use a blocker to stop them walking off the opposite edge.

    Tricky 9 (Level 29) - Land Ahoy

    After they land on the target and walk down the ramp, use a virtual lemming to follow them and use turners to guide them around the blocks, along and out. Punch the next block, then turn them at the last but one block, bash through it and build over the quicksand.

    Tricky 10 (Level 30) - Tooten Lemming

    Dig down at the top of the first pyramid, and turn them along the path to second pyramid, then turn them into the entrance, just before the trap. Using a virtual lemming, follow them inside and bash through the wall. Outside, turn and build across the gap. Turn towards the third pyramid and immediately build X2 up to the exit. Increase the release rate.

    Tricky 11 (Level 31) - A Head Above the Rest

    Guide them round to the opposite side of the figure until they reach the light blue ramp. They will emerge from the viewpoint of camera 3. Turn them into the next entrance. They emerge from the 'left eye'. Turn and bash through the brown block, then turn them into the 'right eye'. They emerge at the side of the head, turn them towards the back of the head and immediately build. Make the builder turn a the top of the bridge. Turn them at the edges and bash through the green block. Guide them around the path to the very top of the head and into the exit.

    Tricky 12 (Level 32) - Dot to Dot

    This is just as the title says - a very long and painful process of turning and building from platform to platform in numerical order. In some cases it is necessary to drop off the platform onto the one below before building to the next.

    Tricky 13 (Level 33) - Shadow Maze

    As soon as the first lemming lands, make him a turner so that they fall onto the middle level. Let them walk along, turn them at the corner then turn into the next right branch. When they fall to the bottom level, turn them to the exit.

    Tricky 14 (Level 34) - Oh No! More Pyramids!

    Let them walk through the corridor in the pyramid, then as they emerge, turn them left and bash through the block. Guide them up to and along the bridge. When the first lemming comes off the bridge, build up to and over the gold turning block. Turn the first that lands so that they walk to the second bridge. When they turn towards the exit, mine through the obstacle.

    Tricky 15 (Level 15) - Chocolate Drop

    Make the first lemming a right turner on the third chocolate block from the end, then make the next mine down after turning so that they fall onto the 'wafer'. Make the first to land a blocker, so that they fall onto the next set of chocolate bricks. Turn them at the edge and build up to the next set of blocks. Mine down at the middle block so that they fall onto the double block, then onto the blocks beneath. Turn them twice at the edges then build up to the exit.

    Tricky 16 (Level 36) - Lemlab

    Left turn them so that they walk between the 2 wooden blocks, and build when the first lemming reaches the far edge of the 'shadow' on the ground. When they reach the other side, left turn them and bash through both wooden blocks, then turn them up the ramp that leads to the exit. Increase the release rate.

    Tricky 17 (Level 37) - Garden Maze

    Left turn them at the line of trees by the wall, then turn them again when level with wall at right angles to it. Make a climber go up and then immediately start to dig. After digging one block, make him a bomber and he should blow up leaving a 'staircase' up the wall. Turn them into the exit. Increase the release rate.

    Tricky 18 (Level 38) - Play Time

    Bash through the grey blocks, then continue walking. After the first lemming has turned twice, pause and increase the release rate to maximum. After he turns the 3rd time, make him a climber, and make the next lemming bash through the block (the rest of the lemmings should have passed across by now). Let the climber carry on and have the next one behind bash again through the next obstacle. When the climber reaches the top of the 'tree', dig down. Some will be lost, but there should still be more than enough left.

    Tricky 19 (Level 39) - Stilt Walkers

    Turn the first lemming left at the top of the steps so that they fall onto the green/white blocks. Build across the gap then turn them just before the gap. Build at the very edge then guide them to the exit.

    Tricky 20 (Level 40) - King Coder's Tomb

    Let them walk almost around 2 sides, then turn them into the gap inside the pyramid. When they emerge, turn them left and continue around, building over the gap when they reach it. When they reach the half- bricks, dig down. Meanwhile, speed up the release rate to maximum. Let them carry on round, go inside the pyramid again and when they emerge, guide them to the exit.

    This walkthrough was written by Sally Cort. All rights reserved.