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    The Fun Levels Walkthrough

    Fun 1 (Level 1) - Take a Dive

    Drop off the 3rd level and divert accordingly.

    Fun 2 (Level 2) - That's Right

    Get 1st lemming to dig as soon as he is above the lower blocks, make the lemming that passes him a floater. Make the 1st one to turn back a blocker at the edge. When they fall through to the next level, dig down again, and use blockers to stop any from falling off the edges.

    Fun 3 (Level 3) - The Bean Machine

    Make the 1st lemming build when level with the lollipop markers. Let him bounce off the wall then build X2, starting about 1/2 way along the red and white striped blocks.

    Fun 4 (Level 4) - It's a Run-Around

    Let them go around the 1st corner then dig down, go round 2 more corners and dig down again. Let them walk around until directly opposite the exit, then turn them in.

    Fun 5 (Level 5) - Bounce, Bounce

    Use turners to get them onto the 3rd trampoline (with the highest ramp), when the 1st lands turn towards the next set of ramps. Direct them to the left ramp ( the highest) then turn them to the exit.

    Fun 6 (Level 6) - It's a Blast

    Make the 1st Lemming a bomber level with the 'round' tree. Let them walk up the ramp then make a bomber just before he's over the 2nd level. Let them fall onto this level then turn them to walk up the steep ramp - make a bomber about 2/3rds up the ramp. Now as they walk along towards the ramp that leads to the exit, make a bomber when level with the right hand edge of the house.

    Fun 7 (Level 7) - Candyland Climber

    Make the 1st lemming a climber and make him a bomber just before the top of the arrows. Make another climber who will pass through the gap, then when he turns around have him punch through the blocks.

    Fun 8 (Level 8) - Lemmings Inside

    Bash through the small block then turn them at the edge towards the keyboard. Let them walk past the keyboard until they're on the left side of the monitor before turning again. Build across the gap and turn them into the exit at the back of the monitor.

    Fun 9 (Level 9) - A Short Cut Through the Forest

    Use turners to guide them along the path. As they turn the corner immediately after the well, build over the trees, then continue to follow the path to the exit.

    Fun 10 (Level 10) - Castle Lemmalot

    As soon as the 1st lemming steps onto the grass, build X2 up to the battlements, then turn (left or right). Let them walk around until they're opposite the exit then turn them towards it.

    Fun 11 (Level 11) - It's a Classic

    Make the 1st lemming out a blocker. Make the next a turner on the corner of the green/white blocks so that they fall onto the pink/white blocks. Make the 1st a blocker so they fall onto the red/yellow blocks. Again block so that they fall onto the orange/blue blocks. Block again and then turn them at the corner. Block on the blue/yellow blocks, then guide them to the exit.

    Fun 12 (Level 12) - Alpine Assault Course

    Make the 1st lemming a bomber just to the left of the trees, so he blows up exactly on the red cross. Make the next a right turner on the exposed grass. Make a bomber half way up the slope before the next red cross. Make a bomber about 1/3 way across the path before the next red cross. At this point speed up the release rate to maximum. Make another bomber just before he turns on the last leg before the 'wrong' exit, so that they turn around and double back. Make a bomber just before he turns for the last time towards the 'right' exit.

    Fun 13 (Level 13) - Tower of Stone

    Guide the lemmings to the top of the tower using the turners and builders as necessary. Turn 20 lemmings into floaters, the rest will die.

    Fun 14 (Level 14) - Slippery Maze

    As you look at the lemmings from camera 1 :- Let the 1st lemming slide onto the 1st green patch, then turn to the left. Then turn towards the exit, turn right, turn back towards the trapdoor, turn left, turn towards the exit, walk across the 1st green patch and slide to the 2nd, turn right, then turn to the exit. Increase the release rate.

    Fun 15 (Level 15) - The M-A-Z-E

    Make the 1st lemming turn left at the gap to the transporter. When they materialize on the other pad, turn them left (as you look out to sea), then turn towards the middle of the maze just before the gap and punch through the block. Then turn them through the archway into the exit.

    Fun 16 (Level 16) - Down the Middle We Go

    Make the 1st lemming build across the gap. Use turners to guide them round the parapet. Meanwhile increase the release rate to maximum. Have the 1st lemming dig down at the red cross.

    Fun 17 (Level 17) - Hole in Ten

    Make the first lemming a blocker and a floater after it has landed on the target and walked to the edge. Let the others walk around until they are nearly back to the blocker, then bash the small block he is standing on. The others will all now reach the exit. The blocker will float to the ground, turn around at the grey block and then turn through 90 degrees. Bash through the next obstacle and now he will be able to reach the exit too.

    Fun 18 (Level 18) - Corkscrew Digger

    Use a combination of miners and turners to mine all the way round the block until they reach the ground (a few will be lost). Increase the release rate to maximum.

    Fun 19 (Level 19) - Attack of the 50 ft. Lemming

    Make a turner at the edge so that the lemmings fall onto the 'arm'. Dig down through the half-brick and they will walk inside the body, emerging again under the 'arm'. Direct them right around the body until they reach the arrowed brick, then punch through it. Then divert them to the next arrowed brick and bash through this and they will end up at the bottom and can be turned into the exit.

    Fun 20 (Level 20) - Alilemms

    When they get to the T-junction, turn them left, then guide them along the path until they reach the water's edge, then build across the gap and turn towards the exit.

    This walkthrough was written by Sally Cort. All rights reserved.